Fitness Frustrations



Let’s just start with a disclaimer . Firstly, I know nothing about fitness so if you are here expecting the secret to sculpted abs in 10 days then you are in the wrong place . However, if you find the magician who can make this happen please let me know . Secondly, this blog does not contain the answers for every individual. What I have learned is that every person has a different set of priorities that motivates them to get to the gym . 

 My Challenge 

Every person has there own set of circumstances and life challenges that contribute to making fitness a priority. I have had a huge change in personal circumstances with changing jobs, moving house and getting a little fur baby ( our yorkie Penny ❤️). With all these changes I excused away why I couldn’t go to the gym . “No time “ was my number 1 excuse and I have since learned that is complete bullshit. I needed to make the decision to make the gym a priority and for many reasons I wasn’t doing that. I haven’t been in the best form the past year and it’s a kind of a catch 22. I didn’t feel great because I wasn’t in the gym but I couldn’t find the motivation to get myself back in a regime . I tried at least 6 times accross the year to get myself in a positive cycle. I tried the “ New year, new me” and the “Monday everything changes “, none of which made any difference but I think I wasn’t really set up to be successful. 

F45 Training Trinity 


So, what changed  ? To be honest, there are two main factors 1) I started a new job and with that came the opportunity to start a whole new routine . 2) F45 Training opened a new gym on Townsend street which was right by my office . I knew that hitting the gym solo hadn’t worked for me and the idea of team training really appealed to me so I gave it a bash .

What is F45 Training ? 

I will probably say this all wrong as I don’t know fitness lingo but basically F45 is a gym that runs through classes only . They have millions of different variations of classes that focus on everything from cardio, agility and strength. The classes tend to work in a circuit format and their are exercises planned around the room that you follow . There is a number on the ground that represents an exercise and there are screens all around the room that shows you how to execute the exercise . It’s like fitness for dummies LOL 😂

One of the things I really enjoy about F45 is the trainers . Firstly, let’s just be honest and say the female trainers bodies are unreal and I want to be them and the male trainers are so beautiful that I want to marry them all. I mean let’s not ignore the fact that we all like a little drool over the trainers 😂. Secondly, and more importantly the trainers approach is something I have never experienced before . There are two trainers in every class to ensure everyone gets the support and encouragement needed. They focus on technique to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout but also motivate while creating this amazing atmosphere of team spirit . You don’t just feel like you are training with the trainers you feel you are there to encourage and train with a whole group of people who you have never met before but have a shared goal with . 

The Classes

As I mentioned, there are a wide range of classes but they all follow a similar format . Once you have done one, you get an understanding as to how it operates and you are ready to take on any class.  

  • Romans- This is a resistance based workout that is all about lifting heavy and building strength. The great thing is that you decide what weight you use so anyone can do it . First class I recommend lifting as light as you can get away with. Once you have one class under your belt then there are no excuses .... go heavy or go home ! ( who even am I ? 😂)
  • Docklands- to be transparent, this class is pure evil but I love it ! You sweat like you have never sweat before. This is a cardio based work out with changing times as you do each set. It tests you mentally and physically .  
  • Firestorm- This is another cardio based work out with 27 stations. I highly recommend a firestorm on a Monday morning pre-work if you are planning on kicking ass that day. 
  • Hollywood- This is the Saturday work out and it is the climax of the F45 training week. All workouts are 45 minutes, whereas Hollywood is an hour . Those extra 15 minutes feel like an eternity .  

There are many more classes but that gives you a general overview of what you are in for .


My Top Tips 

  1. Download the F45 Training app and have a look. You can do a 1 week free trial which I highly recommend . That’s how I started and ended up addicted . 
  2. Do NOT start on a Saturday. Hollywood is the climax and the hardest workout which can be a challenge when you are just getting your head around how it works . You will learn to love the Hollywood class but I would try do a mid-week class first .  
  3. SAY HELLO👋 Everyone I have met there is really nice and as you are training together it is nice to make connections the second you come on the door. Take all the help and support you can get. I find that’s part of the fun. 
  4. Bring water and a towel
  5. Follow F45 on Instagram to keep up with everything going on at the gym. (@F45_training_trinity)


The gym has everything you need that a normal gym would provide . There are shower facilities and a hair dryer with good mirror to throw the make up on before work (very important to me obvs!)  As I mentioned the gym is pretty impressive . You book everything through their app which adds reminders into your calendar etc. They also have this lion heart thing which I haven’t worked out yet but it’s a heart monitor. You earn points based on your heart rate . Now that I am addicted I have a feeling this will be my next step and I will more than likely become insanely competitive. 


I have popped the price list for memebership below for reference . On an initial look it might look a little expensive at €23 for a class . You are definitely better off going for the 1 month or 3 month bundle. That said, I would pay double what it costs if I continue to feel this good .  


The Firemen

It would be rude of me to do a full review of this gym and not mention the fact that there are 10 Firmen from Pearse street fire station that drop into the classes. Now if that isn’t a good reason to get out of bed in the morning I don’t know what is 😂 


I feel fantastic and I look fecking great too (even if I say so myself😂). I know I have got the momentum not just because of F45 but making the gym a priority for me . I need to go to the gym for me to manage my life right. I have a really hectic work life and a pretty crazy social life too. They gym is my place to get balance and work out those stresses . I would recommend everyone to give the weeks trial and go and do at least three classes that weeks to get into the grove .  

I go to approximately 5 classes a week now, so if you are nervous about your first class send me a message and come along with me . I would be more than happy to meet you there and show you around . 

I will keep you guys posted on my progress but I am signing up for the three month membership when I get back from holidays so I am in it for the long haul.