Mark Rogers BEauty

Hi Beauty Lovers,

So who the hell am I  and why do I have a website?

Well my name is Mark Rogers and I am a beauty expert ( even if I say so myself LOL!). I have been working in the beauty business for over 11 years. I have had an amazing adventure along those 11 years and I am super excited to share my past, present and future adventures here on this site.

On this website I hope to document my adventures and experiences. I have a strong passion for beauty products so you will see lots of reviews and beauty trials as I battle my way through every product launch in hope of finding the youth elixir from 'Death Becomes Her' . Until then, I will keep trying the good quality products at an affordable price to keep us all looking and feeling fabulous. 

I would love to hear from you so make sure to get in contact and tell me what you would like to see on this website.

Love and lashes