My Sunday Skincare

Last month I shared a video on Instagram of some new skincare products I was trying out. I have been using them for over a month now and the verdict is in. Here's a little reminder of the video!


Ok, so I am going to open by saying I am extremely lucky with the appearance of my skin. I very rarely get a blemish and overall my skin tone is fine. I very rarely worry about my skin but that actually has an adverse effect because I then neglect it. I am so crap at sticking to the one set of skincare products as I keep getting distracted by the latest shiny new product and then I end up with four million half used products.

The other downside to my never ending swapping of products means I never see a product through for 30 days. Its is only after this period of time that you visibly see the difference a skincare product will make. Now I am so impatient so 30 day is a super long time for me but I have persisted with my new regime so I can properly review these products.

There are 3 key products to take you through:

  • Skinician- Pro-radiance Enzyme Cleanser
  • Skinician- Revitalising Tonic
  • Glamglow- Gravity Mud ( Sonic Edition)

Pro- Radiance Enzyme Cleanser:

So the product claims on this are:

  1. Increases smoothness
  2. Boosts a younger, brighter appearance

How to use: It goes on like a foam so just add some warm water. Soap it up and rinse with warm water.



Pro- Radiance Enzyme Cleanser


Really loving this! Now I would use something to remove my make-up first. Once make up is removed then i really lather this up and rinse off with warm water. My skin feels insanely clean. Some might say squeaky clean. When you have washed it off your skin instantly feels tighter and appears brighter. Over time, I have definitely felt a lift in my skin. I will definitely continue to use it. Now on one or two evenings I did feel my skin felt uncomfortably tight after using it but I just popped on a light serum after and suddenly I am 100 years younger! ( Maybe 100 is stretch but at least 50 years)

Revitalising Tonic:

What are the product claims?

  1. Hydrates,refreshes and revitalises complexion
  2. Promotes an even, balanced skin tone

How to use: So the directions on this claim you should apply on dry cotton and almost use as a toner. 


Revitalising Tonic


I did not use this as instructed ( I love breaking the rules!) Basically, using it on dry cotton I didn't feel the impact or see the difference the product made. I started using it as a spritz and fell in love. It totally refreshed my make up and over time I definitely see a difference. My face can get super dehydrated and this helped my skin look dewy throughout the day.

GlamGlow Gravity Mud ( Sonic Edition)

So what does it do?

  1. Firming Treatment
  2. Contours, firm and lifts!

How to use: Apply an even layer across the skin and then peel off!


GlamGlow Gravity Mud (Sonic Edition)


Ok, I loved this so much. I mean I mostly just loved that I looked like a super hero with a metallic blue mask. I would wear this to work. (LOL!) It also definitely had an instant firming effect on the skin. The only downside was that it slightly dried my skin. As I said in general my skin is dry anyway so I just threw on a bit of serum and I was bright and tight..... you get me!

Final Thoughts...

I am so happy with the quality of my skin but even more so I am so happy that I stuck to using the same day to day products to be able to see a difference. I am going to go through a similar process in October but for the rest of september I am sticking with the beauties!

Mark Rogers