Fenty Beauty Review


As I am sure everyone in the world knows the stunning Rihanna brought out her own cosmetics line, as so many celebs have done in the past year. To be completely honest, I haven't been super impressed by any of the celeb launches over the last year. Kylie Jenner's liquid lipsticks I found super drying and hard to work with, while Kim K's cream contour kits more than disappointed me. It was a complete rip off!

Therefore, approaching this launch with an open mind was tough. I was so unenthused by other celeb launches that I couldn't drag myself out to Dundrum to go purchase it. A few weeks after launch, I got out there and I have to say the stand is beautiful and the staff were super helpful. The brand is exclusive to Harvey Nics in Ireland so its the only place you can get it .  So enough boring you with the details lets dive into what I got and my thoughts!

Pro Filt'r Instant retouch primer

Pro Filt'r Instand Retouch Primer

So firstly, that is a super long name for a primer. Secondly, this primer is the bomb so it can call itself whatever it wants. So what does it do? It definitely reduced the appearance of pores. It gives a gorgeous velvety finish to the skin and it eliminates shine. I really could see and feel the difference this made to my skin. It gave a really smooth base to apply the foundation over which meant my skin looked absolutely flawless. The one down side on this is that I didn't feel it helped my foundation last longer throughout the day. I would only wear this primer for an event or night out as it didn't stop my foundation sliding!

How to Apply:

I applied this with my fingers like a moisturiser. Starting from the nose and worked my way out. Don't use too much as it will start to roll on the skin. A pea size amount is just enough!


Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Again with the super long name. This foundation got the green light from me as a medium coverage foundation. I know it is buildable to full coverage but I didn't feel it had full coverage impact on first application. The finish is flawless and it didn't dry out my skin which is a win. Most foundations tend to sit in my dehydrated areas and highlight my pores. This with the primer underneath did not! ( Praise the lord!) 

How to Apply:

Start from the centre of the face and work outwards. Use a flat head kabuki brush like the Blank Canvas F20 or the Sosu Kabuki brush from the face set. You can go back in and add an extra layer for fuller coverage on any problem areas.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo

This product is the jewel in the crown if you ask me. It is the perfect pink toned highlighter for my very Irish pasty skin. It gives me the ultimate glow with very little work. There are two sides to this highlighter. Side one is a matte highlight so gives that dewy glow without the sparkle and side two is the most stunning blinding highlight. As I said as it is pink toned it is best for those with a paler skin tone however there are plenty of highlighters with the same formula that will give any skin tone LIFE!

How to apply:

Using a small blush brush pop this just on the very top point of the cheekbone. Then dust a little on the tip of the nose and on top of the cupids bow ... then on the collar bones, the tops of the shoulders, between the boobies and down the front of the legs. So basically, paint yourself from the toes up LOL!

Final Thoughts:

I am delighted to see a celeb range that has obviously worked on product formula over just depending on the celeb hype and cutting corners. I will probably keep away from some of the crazier Fenty eyeshadow shades. Mainly because they just aren't to my style but thats not to say the quality isn't good. I will be back to Harvey Nics soon to treat myself to something else soon :)

Mark Rogers